General Rules

Hawks Cup will be played in accordance with the Indian football rules (which corresponds with the FIFA rules). Regarding the interpretation of the rules, the English text applies.
One club may participate with multiple teams and multiple age–groups. One club may take part with multiple teams in the same age–group. However, a team may only take part in one age -group.

Accreditation; Proof of Age

Each team should submit a list of players (containing name, DOB) to the Hawks Cup administration before Deadline. Based on this list, each player will receive a scholarship according to it. Each player is supposed to bring at least 1 Date of Birth proof in for each match.
All coaches must sign the match report before the start of the match that he/she verified the other teams’ players’ documentation of which their age was determined. Protest because of age issues cannot be made after the start of the match.


Dispensations will automatically be given to 2 player per team (participant’s list) who is at the MOST, one year older than the team’s age/class registered.This dispensation should apply for the player entered the match (written team list). It means that a team can participate with more players who are older (by one year) as the age group in the Hawks Cup, but in one match, only ONE or TWO can participate!

Playing Periods

Playing periods are the same in group contests and playoffs. In the playoff phase and finals (direct elimination), there is no extra time. In case of a draw, penalty kicks–according to FIFA rules–will decide the result of the match.
There will be only 10 mins break in half time & 10 mins break before penalty kicks In case of a draw in playoff phase.

Rules of the Game During Group Contests

The participant teams of Hawks Cup are divided into groups of four, Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw. No points will be awarded for a loss.


If two or more teams have the same number of points, the order will be decided:
1. Results of a match between teams with equal points
2. Goal difference
3. Which team scored more goals
4. Draw

Rules of the Game During Playoffs Phase

From the groups, the four best teams will advance to playoff phase. From this point forward, all play off games will be decided by the tournament system, i.e. by direct elimination. Draws in the play off will be decided by penalty kicks (no overtime).
The matches will be played even in case of bad weather.